During that time (while participating in Brain Sync) I noticed an explosion in Mike’s skills. All of the great work Karen had done beforehand (Mike received physical therapy prior to attending Brain Sync) came together. People who knew Mike asked me what I was doing. His pediatrician, developmental optometrist, and neurologist asked for Karen’s info for a referral. Even the school administrators who had refused to recognize Mike’s challenges asked me what therapies Mike was receiving so they could incorporate them. My mother notices the changes and calls them a miracle.

My son notices he is able to ride a bike, roller skate, jump rope, run fast and tie his own shoes. He plays baseball and basketball. He has significantly less falls and is at times graceful. Most importantly, when he does have a fall we laugh about his “dyspr-accident” and move on.

I was told by many that the improvements Mike has made were not possible. Indeed with the right help from the right people those changes are possible. —Andrea


Overall, my son’s ability to focus has improved–coordination and balance. I’ve also seen a huge improvement in his ability to cross midline. —Melissa

I am so happy I brought my son to Brain Sync. Laura and Karen are both so knowledgeable and caring. I can see from the way they interact with the children that they are working for my son to be at his best. I could see the improvements as he worked his way through the program.–Jennifer