Spinal Galant Snow Angel


Snow angel is the only exercise for spinal galant. It should be performed daily for four weeks.

 Number of Repetitions:  3 cycles each day for 4 weeks

 Goal:                 To perform this movement with control, with coordination of the arms and legs, and smoothly.


1. Lie on the floor on back with legs together, arms at the sides (Figure 1).


Figure 1

  1. Very slowly open legs and raise arms, with arms and legs touching the floor at all times. It should look like a lying down jumping jack.
  1. With arms straight, hands should touch at the top as the legs are open to their widest (Figure 2).

Figure 2

  1. Each cycle should take one minute—30 seconds to reach open position and 30 seconds to return to the start position.



  • Inconsistent speed (slows or speeds up during the movement).

  • Holding breath.

  • Arches back to move arms and legs.

  • Moves arms or legs in a stop-and-go, jerky manner.

  • Arm movement is not synchronized with leg movement—arms reach end point either before or after legs.

Observe and record any of the above difficulties. If any of these occur, then redirect, guide and assist in the proper technique.