Number of Repetitions:   Perform 5 times on each side each day for 2 weeks.

Goal:        To easily attain each position smoothly and in a coordinated manner without external guidance or assistance.



1. Lie on back with arms and legs straight (Figure 1).


Figure 1

2. Turn head to right, with chin parallel to shoulder. As the head is turning, bend left leg (knee is up in the air) and bend right arm (arm is on the floor) until hand is at the same level as the head (Figure 2). Focus eyes on thumb.


Figure 2

  1. Hold for 3-5 seconds.
  1. Return to starting position. As the hand bends and returns to starting position, the eyes should focus and follow the thumb for as long as possible.

5.   Repeat on the left side.



  • Unable to attain hinge position without verbal or tactile assistance.

  • Does not move arm and leg in a smooth, coordinated manner.

  • Does not focus on thumb.

  • Moves arm and leg at different speeds or at different times.

Observe and record any of the above difficulties. If any of these occur, then redirect, guide and assist in the proper technique.