Number of Repetitions:  Rotate in one direction and then in the other direction (this is one cycle). Do 3 cycles. Build up number and speed of rotations on each side to tolerance. This exercise is performed each day for the entire 12 weeks.

Goal:   To perform 10 rotations without dizziness or loss of balance.


1. Stand with arms extended out to the sides (Figure 1). With eyes open, slowly turn around in a complete circle (Figure 2), returning to the original position.


Figure 1


Figure 2

  1. Put arms down to the sides, close eyes, and count to 10 (Figure 3). This allows the vestibular (balance) system to acclimate alone, without any visual input.

Figure 3 (eyes closed)

  1. Perform a rotation to the opposite side. The same number of rotations should always be performed in each direction.


  1. If there is minimal loss of balance and dizziness, add a rotation the next day–2 rotations in one direction and 2 rotations in the other direction for 3 cycles. Build up to 10 rotations.



  • Holding breath when performing exercise.

  • Loss of balance or reports of dizziness while arms are at the side and eyes are closed.

  • Counting to 10 is not enough time for vestibular system to acclimate—still dizzy.

Observe and record any of the above difficulties. If any of these occur, then redirect, guide and assist in the proper technique.

Please review the checklist on the first page. If any deviations or improper techniques are still observed after 4 weeks, continue this exercise for another week.