Superman with Thumb Tracking


Number of Repetitions:   3 cycles each day for 4 weeks

Goal:        To perform the exercise in a coordinated, controlled manner, smoothly and easily, while breathing normally.


1. Start on stomach with arms to the side. Raise upper body off the floor—legs remain on the floor, while bringing thumbs together to a position 3 inches from nose (Figure 1). Eyes should be focused on thumbs.


Figure 1

  1. As the head moves to the left as far as it can, the left thumb moves out to the side. Eyes should be on the thumb at all times. The right thumb must maintain the starting position (Figure 2).

Figure 2

  1. As the head moves to the left as far as it can, the left thumb continues to move out to the side.  Eyes should be on the thumb at all times (Figure 3).

Figure 3

  1. Move left thumb back to starting position, while eyes are focused on the thumb.
  1. Movements are performed very slowly and moving head and thumb to each side should take about 15-30 seconds.
  1. Repeat sequence with right side.
  1. A rest is initially permitted between cycles but endurance should be built up until the entire 3 cycles can be performed continuously, without resting.



  • Thumb and arm do not move straight out to the side.

  • Other thumb does not maintain the starting position of 3 inches in front of nose (Figure 4).

  • Holding breath while performing exercise.

  • Unable to track thumb with eyes.

  • Legs come up off the ground (Figure 4).

  • Exercise is performed in an uncoordinated manner.

  • Unable to maintain upper body off the ground.


Figure 4 (Incorrect)

Please review the observation checklist. If any deviations or improper techniques are still observed after 4 weeks, continue this exercise for another week.