Many reflexes develop in utero or shortly after birth. Brain Sync focus on the five reflexes that, after being researched, appear to have the most impact on a child’s later development. If the five reflexes are retained past the time when they should have been integrated and replaced with higher level volitional movement, they could have an impact on the child’s academic performance (as measured by math and reading scores), social skills, and sports ability (due to balance and coordination issues).

This section contains information specific to each of the five reflexes, the age when the reflex appears, as well as when it is integrated. Additional information is provided that describes what occurs when the reflex is retained. Lastly, each section contains a list of specific symptoms that appear when a reflex is retained.

As a word of caution, retained reflexes should not be diagnosed based on the list of symptoms. The lists are provided to point parents and therapists in a particular direction, in addition to providing confirmation of findings. The list should not be used in lieu of a professional assessment of reflexes.